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Your Playlist vs Your Brain

Interested in finding out how different parts of your brain align with different types of music? Submit one of your favorite playlists and we'll let you know!

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Musical Brain Illustration

Your Musical Brain: Empathetic

Your musical brain suggests you’re more likely to be empathetic, enabling you to understand outside thoughts and viewpoints. You’re also more likely to be in tune with people’s feelings and open to new experiences. You probably have a deep appreciation for the arts, and have an active imagination. No wonder you’re always looking on the (Mr.) brightside!

Your Musical Brain: Adventurous

Your musical brain suggests you’re likely open to new experiences. Your active imagination fuels your appreciation for the arts, and you’re ready to travel Whenever, Wherever. There’s also a link between your musical preferences and emotional stability. The smooth rhythms and instruments in your favorite music reflect your mellow moods.

Your Musical Brain: Energetic

Your musical brain suggests you’re probably an extrovert. This means you’re talkative, sociable, and outgoing, just like your favorite stars. You’re also likely to be involved and energetic. From catchy choruses to high-energy hooks, your musical taste is the window to your personality!

Your Musical Brain: Confident

Your musical brain is notoriously linked to emotional stability. This means you’re confident and have high self-esteem. You won’t get worked up easily, which explains why you can handle those heavy beats and rhythmic lyrics all day long. You’re friendly and fun, so go out and spread that California Love!

Your Musical Brain: Outgoing

Your musical brain reveals that you’re an extrovert. Your friends would describe you as talkative and outgoing. You tend to look for excitement, so channel that Energy into a fun night out. From catchy choruses to upbeat hooks, your musical taste matches your social personality!

Your Musical Brain: Extrovert

Whether out with your friends or studying, your musical brain shows that you’re an extrovert. This means you’re social and talkative. From pulsing beats to electronic sounds, your musical taste matches your outgoing personality throughout the days and the nights!

Your Musical Brain: Social

Just like those down-to-earth melodies, your taste in music shows you can get along well with others. You might be a little modest, but you’re also cooperative, trustworthy and kind-hearted. Your musical brain reveals that you’re empathetic. Understanding in nature, you’d definitely walk the line for someone else!

Your Musical Brain: Rhythmical

Your musical brain suggests that you’re in tune with what others are feeling. Your taste in music shows that you’re empathetic and have great emotional stability. This means you won’t easily get upset, angry, or anxious. In other words, more Rhythm and less Blues!

Your Musical Brain: Intellectual

Your musical brain reveals that you’re always ready to learn something, and hungry for new experiences. Your love for the greatest composers links you to openness, and you tend to have an appreciation for aesthetics and the arts, and your imagination is always active. From Beethoven to Mozart, your music is great brain food!

Your Musical Brain: Analytical

Your taste in music suggests that you have an analytical brain. Problem solving is your sweet spot, so let those heavy riffs and guitar solos get you to the answer. Whether you prefer mechanics, math, or organization, your love of songs like iron man will never result in a communication breakdown!